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The 2015 COA in Chongqing

Date: 2015-10-31   Views: 3712
[ZIMEDE] Maide Chinese Medical Association invites you to attend the Seventeenth Conference and orthopedic COA Tenth International Academic Conference (Chinese Orthopaedic Association, COA)
 Date of Meeting: Year 2015 11 19 - on the 22nd
 Venue: Chongqing International Convention Center Panda
 Address: Yuzhong District No. 86 Riverside Avenue Panda
 Booth: N1 Hall 1M31--1P36
 Contact: Mr. wang 18651128828
 Market: Jane Qian 18551239103
         Emma Xu   18551239102 
 Headquarters Tel: 0512-56913192
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